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Exclusive, Apple MacBook Foldable Teaser : Says Report

Exclusive, Apple MacBook Foldable Teaser : Says Report

Introduction: Rumors have been circulating about Apple's potential entry into the world of folding devices. While many have speculated about a folding iPhone, a recent report suggests that Apple's first foray into the folding market might be a MacBook Pro. This article will delve into the details of this report and explore the possibilities of a folding MacBook Pro.

» The Concept of a Folding MacBook:

Unlike traditional laptops that fold at the hinge between the lid and the base, the proposed folding MacBook would feature a foldable display. In its unfolded state, the device would resemble a large tablet screen. When partially folded, the lower section would transform into a keyboard and trackpad, effectively combining the convenience of a laptop with the versatility of a tablet.

» Feasibility and Previous Rumors:

Although Asus and Lenovo have already showcased folding-screen laptops, the question of whether Apple will venture into this territory has persisted. Similar to the elusive promises of jetpacks and flying cars, reports about Apple's folding device have been circulating for several years without any concrete evidence. As far back as 2021, Apple even patented a design for a folding dual-screen device. However, despite these developments, no official product has materialized thus far.

» The Latest Report:

According to a report from Business Korea, Apple is reportedly engaged in discussions with display suppliers regarding the launch of a foldable MacBook model. The sources mentioned in the report suggest that Apple has set its sights on a potential release in 2025, with shipping anticipated in early 2026. This aligns with previous rumors suggesting that Apple is more inclined toward a folding iPad rather than a folding iPhone.

» Challenges and Considerations:

Creating a folding-display laptop presents its own set of challenges compared to folding phones. Such laptops tend to be heavier due to the need for a larger display, and they often compromise on performance to accommodate the elevated production costs. Additionally, the extended display consumes more battery power, and typing on a glass surface may not be as comfortable as using a physical keyboard.

» Apple's Potential:

Apple, with its vast resources and expertise, has the capability to address these obstacles effectively. However, it is important to note that throughout the years, numerous rumors about groundbreaking Apple products have failed to materialize due to complexities, high costs, or being outshined by superior alternatives. While it is highly likely that Apple is indeed exploring folding displays and conducting extensive research and development, the likelihood of a folding MacBook Pro becoming a commercially available product in the near future remains uncertain.


The reports about Apple's potential entry into the folding device market have sparked excitement and speculation. While discussions with display suppliers suggest that Apple is considering a foldable MacBook Pro, the challenges associated with such a device cannot be overlooked. Only time will tell if Apple can overcome these obstacles and deliver a truly innovative folding MacBook Pro to consumers. Until then, we can only wait and watch as the technology continues to evolve.

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