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Download Latest TikTok APK Update : Updated Today

Download Latest TikTok APK Update : Updated Today

Download TikTok Latest APK update
, Checkout what's new in this update and know how you can download this update in one tap.

This blog we created to share latest TikTok Android app updates APK file to download, everyday we will update this blog with latest TikTok APK file update to download worldwide.

Download Latest TikTok APK Update

TikTok v30.4.5 APK is the latest APK Update. 

About this update:

  • This update got new sound/music adding feature which will help you to add any sound/music in your TikTok video easily.
  • This update supports all Android 5.0+ Devices with 160-640dpi
  • Uploaded July 18, 2023

Click Here to Download TikTok V30.4.5 APK.

About TikTok Video App:

TikTok Pte. Ltd. is a social media platform and entertainment company that gained immense popularity worldwide. Established in 2012, TikTok was developed by the Chinese tech company ByteDance. The platform allows users to create and share short-form videos, often accompanied by music and various creative effects. With its innovative and engaging format, TikTok quickly became a global sensation, attracting a vast user base of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The app's algorithm-driven content recommendation system and user-friendly interface contributed to its rapid growth and cultural impact. TikTok Pte. Ltd. operates as the international subsidiary of ByteDance, overseeing the platform's expansion and operations outside of China. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, TikTok continues to evolve and captivate audiences with its dynamic content and vibrant community.

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