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How to send a Message to Unsaved Contact in WhatsApp?

How to send a Message to Unsaved Contact in WhatsApp?

Fellow tech enthusiasts, a commonly asked question today is how to engage in conversation on WhatsApp with an individual who is not listed in your contacts.

We are all aware of the tediousness involved in adding a single number to our contact list, resulting in an accumulation of unwanted and temporary contacts. However, WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to message any person on the platform without the need to add them to their contact list.

Here's a simple guide on how to accomplish this:

  • Step 1: Copy the phone number of the intended recipient (ensure they have an active WhatsApp account).
  • Step 2: Launch WhatsApp and select "New chat."
  • Step 3: Paste the copied number into the search field.
  • Step 4: Locate the chat option that appears after the number and click on it.
  • Step 5: Congratulations! The chat window for that number is now open.

This functionality is available on all Android 5+ devices as well as iOS devices. For demonstrative purposes, we have recorded a video using an iPhone XR to showcase the usage of this feature.

Please note that this feature can only be utilized with WhatsApp accounts; numbers without an associated WhatsApp account will not be accessible.

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