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Tips to optimise your iPhone's battery life | Five Life Hack Tips you need to Save your Apple Device Battery Life

Tips to optimise your iPhone's battery life

Tips to optimise your iPhone's battery life | Five Life Hack Tips you need to Save your Apple Device Battery Life

Hello Techies,

I know battery health is the most crucial part for every Apple user. Many of you might be checking your Apple device's battery health (Settings » Battery » Battery Health) frequently or might be taking some precautions to avoid damage.

Here we are with some most effective battery life hacks for all iOS users.

    1. Avoid Overcharging
    2. Avoid Overuse and Heating
    3. Use Certified accessories
    4. Keep your iPhone clean
    5. Charge when needed

All these tips are shared by our own experience and experiments on Apple devices. We tried the above five ways to save battery life on iPhone XR, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple AirPod Pro2, and iPad Air.

Let's deep dive into it and learn how we use all these ways and save our Apple device's battery life.

  1. Avoid Overcharging: This is the most common mistake people make, Many Apple device users like us put their iOS device on charging overnight, or while their Apple device battery is completely drained they put their device for charge and forget to check for 5-6 hours. These long charging life habits kill the battery life with the overcharging process. Frequently if you overcharge your phone or any Apple device, it will kill the battery cell efficiency or decrease the battery's health over a longer period.

    1. Solutions:

    2. Plan your phone or Apple device charging cycle, you can schedule it for late evening before bedtime or find a free time of your day and charge your phone at that time.
    3. Use auto cut-off charging socket » Buy Here. This Automatic cut-off timer socket will help to cut off the power with the timer. It has an inbuilt hourly-based auto power cut-off option.
    4. Use the Apple Shortcut app to get a notification when your phone reaches a 95 % (Your Choice) battery while in charge. Make Your iPhone Tell You When It's Done Charging.

  2. Avoid Overuse and Heating: Don't use your iOS device while it's in charging or avoid using the phone over accessive sun heat or hot enviourement. In a heating environment, your phone battery will be damaged and it can also damage your device's other parts. Even while playing good graphics games can cause heating issues to your phone. You can use USB cooling fans or cooling fans in mobile cases to avoid heating issues while playing high-end games.

  3. Use Certified accessories : Charging your phone with any non-certified charger can also kill your iPhone's battery life. Voltage fluctuations will damange the battery capacity and it's efficienty to last for long time. Here is the apple certified accessories brands (MFI Certified Accesories) which will never damage your apple device's battery life.

  4. Keep your iPhone clean: Dirt and bad garbage in charging port can effect your charging cycle. It can slower the charging speed of your mobile and in result your phone will be more on charing which can again cause the battery damage. Keep your charging cable port clean and clear. 

  5.  Charge when needed: Don't be a chargolic, don't get obssed with high battery percentage. We saw that people used to always keep their on charge when not in use. This is very bad habbit that your phone's charging cycle is not stable. It will kill the battery cells when you freqently keep your phone on charge.

Hope all these hacks can help you safe your iPhone's battery life. Thank you for vising us. Do share this article with all iOS users.

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